Skills Development Courses

Develop your skills wherever you are and take your sea kayaking to the next level with a stunning backdrop of the Skye coastline. Skye offers everything from flat calm waters, moderate water, rough seas and tide races. The opportnities are endless

Sea Kayak Improver Course

Develop your sea kayaking skills and become on your journey to becoming an independent kayaker. Refine your strokes and learn to keep yourself and your peers safe, ready to enjoy kayaking in the summer. You can optain your Paddlesport Explore or Sea Kayak Award at the end of this course

Prerequisits: You will have been in a single sea kayak a few times before and are comfortable on flat water and small waves.

4 days £320

2-5 October 2020
26-29 March 2021
More dates available on request.

Moderate Water Development Course

Develop your skills from 3*/Sea Kayak award towards Coastal Sea Kayak award or Sea Kayak Leader. Refine your paddling performance, gain confidence in F3-5 winds prepare for your Sea Kayak Leader Asssessment.

Prerequisits: You paddle fairly regularly or have done at least 20 days of sea kayaking, you have done some day trips and can manoever your sea kayak efficiently in F2-3 winds and small waves. You may have a 3* or Sea Kayak Award.

4 days £320

9-12 October 2020
19-23 March 2021.
 More dates available on request

Advanced Water Development

Develop your skills in tidal waters and rougher sea conditions of F4-7 winds or large waves, gain confidence and skills, and work towards Advanced Sea Kayak Leader or Advanced Sea Kayak Award.

Prerequisits: You are a regular paddler and are comfortable in F3-4 winds and moderate water conditions. You may have a Coastal Sea Kayak Award or a Sea Kayak Leader Award, ready to develop further.

4 days £320

14-17 October 2020
19-21 October 2020 (Tidal)
12-15 March 2021
More dates available on Request