Day and Half Day Experiences

Full Day (as part of a group)

Full Day as part of a group Explore Skye by kayak, paddle along our stunning coastlines and get away from the crowds. Slow down your holiday, go off the beaten track, have lunch on a remote beach, see wildlife and get a new perspective on our exceptional scenery. You can spend the whole day as part of a small group, so this gives you a wide range of opportunities and different locations. Lead by a fully qualified Leader and Coach, this session equips you with the skills you need for the trip. A full day is absolutely doable for complete beginners as we’ll have lots of time to enjoy the scenery, look for wildlife, land on beautiful beaches, go at a slower pace than on the half day session, and really experience sea kayaking. Paddle experience and ability is determined by the first to book, to guarantee you the best day out for your aspirations.
— Or —
Refine your paddling techniques with a fully qualified and experienced Coach. You may be looking to improve your efficiency, widen your repertoire of strokes or work towards a personal performance or leadership award. Our coaching days are fully tailored to your needs. We also offer training and assessment for the BCU personal Performance Awards.

If you book 4, 5 or 6 people, these will attact a discount. Only £65 for the 4th, 5th & 6th! Are you a group or family? Have a look at our Private Sessions if you would like to have the day to yourselves.

If you are a club looking to book a tailor-made course, please contact us for our attractive club offers.

What level is right for me?

Our group sessions are categorised as Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Please see below what level fits you:

Beginner/Improver: This is a broad category. You have never sat in a kayak or you have done up to 5 days sea kayaking or other kayaking, such as sit-on-top or calm water canoeing over the years. we will refine your existing skills or introduce you to the most important skills to handle your kayak throughout the day.

Intermediate: You have done at least 6 days sea kayaking (not sit on top) or grade 2/3 white water kayaking. You are used to wearing a spray deck and can manoever your kayak in winds up to F3. You can paddle around 20-25km comfortably. You may be working towards your Sea Kayak Award  (former 3*) or Coastal Sea Kayak Award or be a regular recreational paddler.

: You kayak regularly in a sea kayak in a variety of conditions, including being comfortable in winds of at least F4 and keen to learn to deal with more. You can paddle up to 30km a day and  enjoy opportunities to surf and rock hop.

Half Day (as part of a group)

This sea kayak taster session gives you the opportunity to find out if kayaking is for you. If you’re looking for things to do in Skye but are a bit pressed for time, this is a great way to spend a half day. Starting times are 9:00 and 13:30 and they run for 3.5 hours. Most half day sessions are out of Armadale to reduce travelling and make the most of your time with us. Kayaking with children? Have a look here to see if it is suitable for your family.£65

Private Sessions

Enjoy a full day session just for you and your group. We will tailor your day exactly to your aspirations to make it a truly special experience. These are great for family days out in Skye or for bespoke kayak tours. In July and Augst Private Days are only available for groups of 4 or more. Please email us to enquire.

Is it suitable for your children? Find out here.

In the off-season, private sessions can also be arranged in other parts of Scotland (please enquire for prices).

1 Person£240
2 Persons£300
3 Persons£360
4 Persons£420
5 Persons£450
6 Persons£480
For 7 or more Persons please enquire