Rooms for kayakers

If you are planning to do a course or Paddle Skye Trip with us, we have reserved a bunk room at Skye Base Camp, which you can book for the duration. This is a shared 4 bed dormitory with other people from your course or other members of the public at £35 per night with excellent self catering facilities and friendly atmosphere for outdoorsy people. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this special arrangement.

General Accommodation

There are numerous options for staying in Sleat and South Skye. Sleat is a real gem, also known as the garden of Skye due to its rich flora. It is also much less crowded than other parts of Skye. Apart from sea kayaking, there are plenty of other things to do and see in this part of the island. Why not stay close by to make the most of your days around your kayaking trip.

Hotels in Sleat

Most hotels in Sleat are around 4* and very nice places to stay. You will be well looked after, served a delicious high end dinner and a sumptuous breakfast to get you ready for the day. A crackling fire will await you in the lounge when you return. Great to relax.

Something a bit different

Maybe a hotel is not for you and you like the idea of glamping in a cosy yurt with its own wood stove or a stay on an island in a luxurious holiday cottage.


Or you’ll go for the classic B&B, of which there are many in Sleat and the wider area. All of these are friends of ours, so a warm welcome and a friendly, comfortable atmosphere will await you.

Self Catering


Budget options are hard to find on Skye. There are some hostels and camp sites, and if you have a campervan, you can camp in some places on the side of the road. There are also plenty of wild places where you can put up a tent. Please camp responsibly and know the code for campervans and tents.

* personal recommendation

Many more B&Bs, hostels and holiday cottages can be found on Sleat Perfectly Skye, and VisitScotland.