Welcome to South Skye Sea Kayak!

Discover Skye away from the crowds, journey along stunning coastlines, experience a new perspective and different views of our famous island. Enjoy a picnic on a remote beach, see wildlife and interesting coastlines, all with an experienced guide.

Develop your kayaking skills whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced kayaker, we offer anything from flat water skills to tide race and rough water paddling.

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Fàilte gu South Skye Sea Kayak!

Gabh cuairt dhiofraichte den Eilean Sgitheanach, fad’ air falbh bhon t-sluagh, siubhail na cladaichean àlainn, faigh sealladh ùr den eilean ainmeil againn. Gabh cuirm-chnuic air tràigh iomallach, coimhead air beathaichean na mara agus costaichean annasach, uile còmhla ri neach-stiùiridh fìor-eòlach.

Leasaich na sgilean caidheagaidh agad, ge b’ e an e neach-tòiseachaidh neo eòlaiche a th’ annad. Bidh sinn a’ tabhann leasanan bho uisge ciùin gu tonnan mòra is struthadh mara.

Faodaidh sibh cuideachd tadhal air an duilleig Facebook againn.


17/3/22 We have had our first group out on a beautiful calm, sunny spring day yesterday and are now preparing for the main opening next week, on 25th March. We have been busy over the winter building staff accomodation, so that our guides have a nice space to live and get a good sleep at night. Only the doors, kitchen floors and painting to go!

12/11/21 Our courses, day and half day trips as well as Expediions are now ready to book for 2022. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just get in touch, and we can put it on for you.

22/10/21 We are going to close for the winter on Sunday 31st October. We will be having a wee rest, repairing boats, checking through our equipment and getting ready for next season. Throughout the winter, we will welcome groups of 4 or more intermediate and advanced paddlers who have got suitable equiment for paddling in the colder months (i.e. drysuits/dry trousers, cagoules) and who would like to develop their skills. Please ask about our club deals. We are still working on our programme for 2022, and half days and full days will soon be bookable on our website. In the meantime, have a look at our courses and expeditions for 2022, which are already bookable. Have a great winter, and we will see you next season.

21/09/21 We have had a very busy season and are still going to be running until the end of October. Thank you to everyone who has been out with us this season. If you have been inspired and want to learn more, you can now book skills courses and expeditions for 2022.

06/06/21 We are well into our season now and getting quite busy. Make sure you book early to avoid discappointment. You can check availability and book online here. Of course Covid measures are in place to keep everybody safe.

10/1/21 Happy New Year! We are open to take bookings for 2021 and our new online booking system is up and running. Hopefully this year will be better for all of us. Our generous Covid cancellation policy lets you book with confidence, no matter what lies ahead. Until mid-Ferbruary, we can only do 1 – 1 coaching for people who stay locally.

31/10/20  Despite everything, we have had a very busy and successful season, and are now ready for a quieter winter period. We are open for groups of intermediate and advanced paddlers for skills development, in line with Covid regulations, and from March, hopefully, we will be able to offer our usual wide range of kayak experiences, including Skye Camping Expeditions, Skills Courses and more half day and full day sessions.

Thank you to everyone who has been out with us this year and of course all our hardworking staff, without whom all this would not have been possible.

28/9/20 Ready for an adventure in 2021? We’re now offering Sea Kayak Expeditions around Skye for complete beginners and experienced sea kayakers. Small groups, all equipment provided. Find out more…

25/9/20 Look out for our new Skills Courses for intermediate paddlers, moderate water and advanced water development. We are open for business despite the newest Coronavirus restrictions, in line with government advice and sportscotland guidelines.

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