Full Day Sea Kayak Tour

Our Full Day Kayak Adventures on Skye are suitable for completre beginners, but intermediate and advanced tours for more experienced kayakers are also available.

On a full day trip you have maximum chance of spotting wildlife, sometimes otters, dolphins or porpoise. Really immerse yourself in nature and slow down your day to take it all in. No matter what previous experience you have, we will introduce you to or refresh the skills you need to give you a relaxed but active day out and our British Canoeing qualified coaches will give you little tips throughout the day to make your paddling more efficient. We believe small groups provide the best experience and are more responsible in our fragile natural environment, so we generally operate in a 1:6 ratio.

£105 per person, discount available for groups of 4 or more.

Also check out our Private Sessions for Full Day trips for just your family or group.

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What level is right for me?

Beginner/Improver: This is a broad category. You have never sat in a kayak or you have done up to 5 days sea kayaking or other kayaking, such as sit-on-top or calm water canoeing over the years. we will refine your existing skills or introduce you to the most important skills to handle your kayak throughout the day. You don't need to be an athlete to enjoy a full day trip. Have a look at our fitness advice page if you are unsure.

Intermediate: You have done at least 6 days sea kayaking (not sit on top) or grade 2/3 white water kayaking. You are used to wearing a spray deck and can manoever your kayak in winds up to F3. You can paddle around 20-25km comfortably. You may be working towards your Sea Kayak Award  (former 3*) or Coastal Sea Kayak Award or be a regular recreational paddler.

Advanced: You kayak regularly in a sea kayak in a variety of conditions, including being comfortable in winds of at least F4 and keen to learn to deal with more. You can paddle up to 30km a day and  enjoy opportunities to surf and rock hop.