Is sea kayaking suitable for children?

Sea kayaking is a great experience for the whole family. You can share a double kayak or go single and explore the coastline, see the seals, sea birds, and sometimes otters and all kinds of sea creatures.

We do not have a specific minimum age, because every child is different. Some children love the water, love being outside and trying out new things, there are also children who don’t like the cold, feel frightened near the water and prefer to be indoors. Some children are really sporty and find kayaking really easy, but some find it really hard and enjoy it less.

We have had 5 year olds out who loved it and 12 year olds who were nervous and uncomfortable. You as a parent know your child best, and only you and your child will be able to decide.

Body size can also be an issue. We have buoyancy aids and wetsuits that fit 4-10 year olds, but we only have shoes from adult size 3 upwards. So you might have to bring your own shoes that can get wet (trainers, wellies, crocs).

We can use a combination of single and double kayaks depending on the children’s ages and ability and of course the weather conditions. When it is warm and sunny, we can jump and play in the water, if it is cold and windy, we’ll wrap you up warm and find a sheltered spot for a little tour.

All children have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian, as we do not have an AALA License. Small children can go in a double kayak with their parents. If they are under 8 or very small, they can sometimes not reach the water with their paddle or do not have the strength or coordination to paddle. In that case the parent will have to do extra work to power and steer the kayak on their own, so it is useful when the parent is confident and reasonably athletic. Good posture and coordination are definite advantages.